Investment Areas: Alternative Energy

Today, going “green” is a hot topic in many industries. We are currently working on development of new reliable, renewable, and cleaner sources of energy. Bio energy is a truly renewable source, because the products used to create energy known as “biomass” is a re-plenisheble resource. Plants will always continue to grow, as long as they are planted and maintained. Recently there have been many new discoveries in the fields of bio fuels, and biomass technologies. Cowry Capital Group is invested and interested in new technologies of converting plant and agricultural products into fuel and energy, as well as their by-products and/or waste.

VolPalm Industries
VolPalm Industries is located and based in the Volta Region of Ghana. This well known region has many natural resources that are plentiful and undeveloped. Currently VolPalm Industries is involved in land acquisition throughout the region, and the development of Palm farms for palm oil production. Current assets include 1000+ acres of land, and 18,000+ planted palms (ranging from 3-8 yrs). Plans for future land acquisitions and development are in place and underway. Cowry Capital Group currently owns 50% of VolPalm Industries and has contributed technical and financial support.

Peanut Shell Pellets - China