Investment Areas: International

Cowry International LLC
As the world continues to grow smaller, so do the bridges that we must cross. In today’s changing market conditions, looking outside the United States for business and investment opportunities is a common practice. Some of the most profitable opportunities are in emerging economies that need capital, services and products. Cowry International LLC has substantial experience with evaluating, negotiating, and structuring deals in foreign countries of interest. We are involved in several projects in Africa and Asia, and are interested in expanding our international investments. These projects range from real estate, agriculture, oil seeds, construction materials, and much more. We are currently looking for new investment opportunities in today’s global market for future investment.


Hillview Estates Residential Development – Rwanda

The Hillview Residential project is an investment through Thousand Hills Venture Fund. In conjunction with DN International, a Rwanda based development company, Hillview Estates will be the largest single family residential housing development funded completely by private money in the country of Rwanda.