Our Process: Evaluation Process

We operate on the premise that there are key elements that facilitate or inhibit business success and profitability. We analyze projects in a comprehensive way to examine those elements and how they are manifested in the business plan of new businesses, or in the actual operations of existing businesses. Our business partners not only benefit from the capital we invest in the project, but also from the research and evaluations that we conduct.

Our team reviews the financial information of the business venture and conducts industry and market research to determine the soundness of the business concept. The data is examined and due diligence performed to confirm that the data is accurate and complete. We do a thorough economic evaluation utilizing risk analysis, economic models and forecasting to interpret the data. Our team produces meaningful economic evaluations which are an asset that truly puts Cowry Capital Group in a league of its own. The evaluation will entail part or all of the following procedures:

  1. Review of credentials of principal project partners.
  2. Industry and market research
  3. Evaluation of financial information and operations data.
  4. Due diligence confirmation of completeness and accuracy of all data.
  5. Site review of operations and country infrastructure.
  6. Economic evaluation utilizing risk analysis, economic models, forecasting, etc.
  7. Review of compliance and legal issues.